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I believe in lifestyle change and helps coach people to make ‘shifts‘ in their lifestyles to achieve their health goals. I currently specializes in pcos , diabetes, hypertension and thyroid and handles cases across the globe. I work with obesity, disease, lifestyle and children across the world. “ Fad diets and fad exercise programs don’t work. Healthy weight loss is about the right communication and chemistry between cells. It’s about hormonal balance. It’s about working on your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and intellectual self. It’s about making small and inexpensive lifestyle changes and proper elimination of toxins and waste.

I encourage and help people steer away from conventional medicine and use natural foods and a change in lifestyle to help alleviate medical conditions.

I have nothing against the medical world or Doctors. We need all this at times to give the immune system or body the boost it needs, but then, we need to let the human body’s intelligence and brilliance take over. I am against people getting stuck with disease management instead we should encourage a discourage resolution. All medicines have side effects. If you have to use it, do so, but insist and educate on lifestyle changes too, to support the side effects, which cause other medical issues.

I strongly believe that we are all products of nature and if we align ourselves, that is the way we eat, sleep, think and move with nature, then anything that’s a problem, call it arthritis, cancer, diabetes, obesity, slowly fades away. I use a holistic approach in his prevention and healing model for disease and weight loss.” You cannot take the mind out of the equation of healing . Emotions like guilt, anger, un-forgiveness, jealousy, resentment etc, are real and they impact billions of cells in your body, impacting immunity, adding to body fat and inviting disease. It’s a mind – body connect and approach . My approach is holistic and you can eat everything there is nothing like “No” in my diet with a lot of healthy recipes.